Six Figure Mentor Scam

Six Figure Mentor

Just got this off of

Another MLM or Multi-Level Marketing venture.  According to Michael_Le on, you pay a “Mentor” a specified amount of money to have the right to sell mentoring.  Huh?

Six Figure Mentor

Don’t you just love this ad? This is the home page of (SixFigureMentors). A young dude with model good looks leaning on a flashy sports car in jeans and a plaid shirt.  Really!?!

It’s actually great marketing. Plus the word “FREE” is on the page at least twice.

According to Mike75065, someone on the forum shelled out $297 for a “Mentor” blogging website. After that they received a blizzard of emails with special offers for webinars, internet marketing paraphernalia, etc.  Of course many of the materials offered were extra.  He soon realized that the only ones making money were the sfm hierarchy.

He says:

They present their information in a way that is interesting to listen to and will interest you to become an affiliate just to know more. It is interesting how they actually are making money. I heard Stuart and Jay together introduce their program as a university for digital marketing media professionals and newbies that wanted to learn how to market online. 
If you ask me it doesn’t take a genius to figure out most of what they are sharing is nothing really at all. An eye opener if you ask me. I would say that all the information they presented and what you can get from their website and program, you can also get for free on google or youtube videos. 
I am only mad at myself because I actually thought I could be making money in no time. Talking about losing sleep over the intensity of their informational webinars and the whole works of putting together modules and everything else that it took grasping my complete and total investment to start making money fast. 
Guess what? it’s not happening!

Please be wary of any entity that claims you’ll be swimming in money in “No Time”, no time being the telling phrase here.

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