Online Income System Scam

Preying On Those Of Us Who Can Least Afford To Be Scammed

Why does one consider a “Work From Home” business?  Extra money, unemployed, circumstances such as taking care of elderly parents or physically or mentally challenged children are a few reasons. 

So it becomes even more insidious when a company (or scammer) offers an “opportunity”, when the only real opportunity is for them, not you.

Sometime in 2009 ads starting popping up including: “Google Job Opportunities,” “Google Money Master,” “Easy Google Profit,” “Google Cash Kit,” “Google Fortune Kit,” “Home Cash System,” “Six Figure Program”!

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While prospective job seekers are told they need to pay a $2 charge for kits that supposedly contain the step-by-step instructions on how to begin working from home (often explained as Google’s way of sifting the serious from non-serious candidates), a closer examination of the Terms and Conditions associated with the programs applicants are signing up for reveals they are instead authorizing monthly charges either to their bank accounts or credit cards, usually to the tune of about $80 a month. Those who attempt to cancel these charges find the task a difficult one, in that only rarely does anyone at the phone number supplied for that purpose actually come onto that line.

Often the monthly charges are not discovered until the first charge shows up. 

While it seems to be increasingly common to accept that there are expenses associated with starting a business, especially an MLM, the best protection against these types of scams are common sense, research and a thorough reading of the fine print.

Scammers that use this type of tactic make their terms and conditions ridiculously verbose in the hopes that no one will actually read the whole thing.



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