Lottery Winning Scam

I Just Got A $3,000 Dollar Check, Yea!

So you get a letter from a financial services company that informs you that you just won $50,000 dollars in a contest in connection with Lotto, Publishers Clearing House and Reader’s Digest.

There’s a $3,000 dollar cashier’s check included in the letter.  Here’s how it goes; The letter states that they are sending this check to deposit into your bank account and cash and send to them to pay for the taxes and for the processing fees. They said that it is in part with the International law guiding the fairness in personal collection of cash prizes that requires that a winner pay processing and tax fees before all of the funds are released. They say that the same law also prevents you from paying with your personal money but from your winning money.

The check is bogus of course.  That’s the whole scam.  It can take the bank several days to discover that it’s a bad check, and when they do the money comes out of your account. If you’ve already sent the money out it’s gone. This type of scam happens every day. 

The moral of the story is, never send out money to get money.

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