Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme Scam

Possibly The Largest Investment Scam In The Financial Services Industry Ascot Partners, headed my investment manager Bernie Madoff, was a huge scam with intense collateral damage both personally and to the finance industry in general.  Hedge funds as described in Wikipedia are: “investment funds that can undertake a wider range of investment and trading activities than other funds, but which is only open for investment from particular types of investors specified by regulators.” and “They also employ a wide variety

Credit Repair Scam

How many commercials have you seen or heard from companies claiming to be able to repair your credit? I suppose in our fast-food mentality society it just sounds so appealing to hand over your financial woes to someone or some company and have your years of bad decisions erased.  Unfortunately it’s not that easy. It never is. But that doesn’t stop the scammers from making you believe that it is.  Here are some cold hard facts regarding credit repair: 1.

Are Financial Services Jobs A Scam?

Are You Thinking About Being A Financial Consultant? A Financial Management Trainee or Associate? There A Few Things You Need To Consider. Financial Services Careers in the financial services industry have several titles. Financial consultants, finance management trainees and associates, financial services sales professionals, financial executives, investment advisors and financial planners. These positions are entrepreneurial by nature and can be considered difficult initially. But they can also be extremely rewarding.  Starting off in the financial services industry is very much

Investment Scams

There Are Several Ways To Protect Yourself From Investment Scams. Check Out What To Watch And Listen For The U.S. Government has a list of things to watch out for to avoid investment fraud or investment scams.  Misrepresentation or exclusion of the facts to improve the appeal is often used in the form of offering huge profits with little or no risk.  No investment is risk-free and most often, the higher the rate of return, the greater the risk. But