Six Figure Mentor Scam

Just got this off of Another MLM or Multi-Level Marketing venture.  According to Michael_Le on, you pay a “Mentor” a specified amount of money to have the right to sell mentoring.  Huh? Don’t you just love this ad? This is the home page of (SixFigureMentors). A young dude with model good looks leaning on a flashy sports car in jeans and a plaid shirt.  Really!?! It’s actually great marketing. Plus the word “FREE” is on the page

Education Scams

from Diploma Mills If you’re ever tempted by an e-mail or ad claiming you can “earn a degree based on life experience,” don’t fall for it. Any company that offers degrees for a flat fee and requires little course work is a diploma mill. If your school is not recognized as an accredited institution by the Secretary of Education, you may not be able to receive financial aid and employers won’t recognize it. You can check on a school’s

Pension Loan Scam

According to a recent article in the New York Times, a new wave of scams is targeting retirees The ads are enticing. Turn tomorrow’s pension payment into hard cash today!  Want to buy a house? Get a “Lump-sum” payment on your pension and feel the wealth….well sort of. What is not discussed is the interest rate charged by these companies and taxes are mentioned with terms like, “if you qualify”, “in most states”. When it comes to something as important

E-Social Security Scam

Paper checks are going away this month (March, 2013).  All social security transactions will be distributed electronically.  Recipients will have the option of a direct deposit transaction into a bank account or credit union or payment can be transferred to a Direct Express® debit card.  Savings in paper and postage are part of the reason for the switch, but also the idea that the transactions will be a safer more convenient way to distribute funds.  Checks will not be stolen

PayDay Loan Scam

The Connecticut Department of Banking is warning debtors to be aware of a new scam in which people posing as debt collectors threaten arrest unless payday loans are repaid. “This is kind of a new low,” Banking Commissioner Howard Pitkin said. The scammers, who appear to be located offshore, gain information on people who apply for payday loans online. They then call the debtor and harass them at work, at home and sometimes contact neighbors. They even say they are going to send federal

Mortgage Flopping Scam

Banks Are Swamped With Short Sales, Sandbaggers Abound Clearly the wreckage of the financial collapse in 2008 is still being felt. No where is that more apparent or profound than the housing market. We should have known, right? I mean when housing prices blew up and then kept climbing, deep down we knew we just didn’t want to admit it.  We just kept counting the increase of our investment with bright wide eyes. Well that changed. Too many unqualified buyers

Mortgage Modification Scam

Scammers Take Advantage Of Those Hardest Hit $63 Million dollars have been reported lost by people fallen victim to mortgage modification scams in New York and California and $1 Billion dollars nationwide, according to  an article by Jim Puzzanghera of the Los Angeles Times.  U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder and other officials on Tuesday said the government’s Distressed Homeowner Initiative had filed criminal charges against 530 people during the fiscal year that ended Oct. 1. “Distressed homeowner schemes have

Fraud And Seniors

US News Reports That Seniors Are An Increasing Fraud Scam Target Imagine working hard all your life, putting money away for a rainy day, just like you’re supposed to, only to have it swiped by a scammer with a good line. The Federal Trade Commission’s annual report showed that consumer complaints increased more than 24% from 2010. The ten most complaints received: Identity theft – 279,156 (15%). Debt collection – 180,928 (10%). Prizes, sweepstakes and lotteries – 100,208 (6%). Shop-at-home

Debt Consolidation Scam | Freedom Financial & Alliance8

Beware of companies promising to erase your debt for pennies on the dollar. Recently a lawsuit was filed against Freedom Fidelity Management, Freedom Financial Management, and named Alliance 8.  All of the above are the same business entity. The complaint includes unlawful business practices such as illegal fee provisions contained in contracts, misconduct and non-compliance of financial industry laws in various states including Washington and California. Laws in various states across the county dictate the amount a debt consolidation company

Online Income System Scam

Preying On Those Of Us Who Can Least Afford To Be Scammed Why does one consider a “Work From Home” business?  Extra money, unemployed, circumstances such as taking care of elderly parents or physically or mentally challenged children are a few reasons.  So it becomes even more insidious when a company (or scammer) offers an “opportunity”, when the only real opportunity is for them, not you. Sometime in 2009 ads starting popping up including: “Google Job Opportunities,” “Google Money Master,”